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Agreement regarding the provision of personal information when submitting questions or inquiries.

GlobalCast Co. Ltd. (below, "we"), has received personal information from you through this question or inquiry.
This personal information will be handled according to the below stipulations.
After reviewing the contents of this agreement, please provide your consent. If you cannot provide your consent or have further questions, contact the customer service desk for complaints and questions regarding personal information.

Purpose of Use

For the purpose of responding to questions and inquiries/to contact you.

Specified Sensitive Personal Information

Sensitive personal information obtained through questions and inquiries will not be used.

Providing information to third parties

Except when required by law, personal information is not provided to third parties without the individual's consent.


There are no plans to consign the handling of this personal information.

The Consensually of Providing Personal Information

You have consensually provided personal information to this company. If you did not provide personal information, there may be difficulties in replying to your inquiry or question.

Regarding Requests for Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information

We accept requests regarding your personal information to notify the purpose of use, to disclose, to correct, add or delete the content, to discontinue its use, to erase, or to discontinue its provision to a third party (collectively, 'disclosure, etc.')
Please contact the customer service desk for personal information regarding this procedure.

Customer Service Desk for Personal Information

GlobalCast Co., Ltd.
Personal Information Protection Administrator: Kei Suganuma
Contact: 1-50-20 Marunouchi, ie Marunouchi Bldg 11F, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi ,Aichi, 460-0002
Phone number: 052-229-0073

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